Art & Spirituality - Exhibiting my artwork in your church

Possible Themes:

- Daily living / everyday life

- Grief / uncertainty / fear / pain

- Meditation / prayer / art as prayer


What you get:
1. Artwork - A number of artworks, negotiated and influenced by available space for an arranged period of time. This includes write ups to introduce the exhibition and provide questions for viewers to consider.

"Inner Prayers / Inner Mantra" & "Carefully Kept (Genesis, Psalms, Luke Revelation)"

Art invites us into an illusive but inclusive space that encourages personal reflection and expression. Art may reflect back to us parts of ourselves we have otherwise ignored or not known was there. Art may invite us into a reflective, contemplative and prayerful space. It is with this in mind that I now to offer my own art work as temporary installation in churches as a way to invite discussion, reflection and prayer around a number of themes. The suggested themes here are just some of the themes my work may be suited to, there may also be others that you wish to explore that could be possible, and I am always creating new pieces, so please feel free to inquire about others. Alternatively, if you already have a topic or theme that you wish to incorporate some art into. Feel free to contact me and see if I might be able to provide something along the lines of your topic. 



Packages may also include either / both of the following:

2. Talk - I can give a talk on the theme and / or art and spirituality in general (either to a small group or to a congregational gathering).
3. Workshop / Retreat - I can run a workshop that combines creativity and spirituality. You can find more on the Art & Faith teaching page online for both these options. 

- Art & Spirituality / faith

- Ill health / health / the body / mental health

- The influence of / absence of / struggle with words


However, this is not an exclusive list, feel free to suggest a theme or topic.


For thoughts & reflections on art & spirituality follow my blog, 'Unrefined thoughts on faith & art'.

Reviews, Testimonials
You can find comments that others have given regarding my work and exhibitions by following this link
 1 page outline
If you are interested in suggesting having my artwork at your church, this is a one page pdf outline that you can print out or email to help get things started.

"We Carry Our Stories With Us"

"I have lost all my words 1"

Financial Details
Please be aware being an artists is my job and while I do wish for my work to be seen and I do enjoy teaching, it does all take time, energy and money. However, every situation is different so financially there is no set price and please don't let financial constraints stop you from starting the conversation as there may be alternate ways of making it viable. Each commitment will need to take into consideration length of time of exhibition, set up / pack down time commitment, other time commitments, travel, safety of artworks etc. As part of my installation I would also ask that my details be available so that others may follow me up if they wish. Where appropriate I also request the option of having some items for sale. 


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