Art & Spirituality Teaching & Retreats

Teaching / Workshops

Learn more about the relationship between the Christian faith, history and art. Discover how art has been engaged with in the past and how we might engage today in our relationship with God, worship and life in general.


Sessions are ideally both informative and practical but will always be tailored to suit the needs and practicalities of your group, whether that be a church service or small group. 


The list below is just an example of types of sessions, if you have something in particular you would like to address, please just ask.

Art can have a profound influence on how we view ourselves as people created in the image of God and in relationship with God. It can also offer a way to engage with God with creativity as a spiritual discipline. I offer teaching and practical retreats that encourage engagement with God through creativity. 



"For me art, life & faith are deeply ingrained. The combination is integral to my own art making practice and to how I relate to God and engage in worship. My passion is to invite others to experience this engagement and integration between ourselves, God & art." 

Introduction to Art & Spirituality - An introduction into the history of art and faith and how we might engage now.  This is is a great introduction for anyone who is interesting in exploring art / faith and worship and offers some history of art in the Church. 


Images of Christ in Art - By reflecting on images of Christ from history & today, what might we learn about ourselves and Jesus? Can also include praying with icons & contemporary art & praying by making. 


Art & Spirituality - A more open opportunity to begin discussions on more indepth topics such as - how might we engage with art today as Christians? What might we be able to learn from art about faith, life, God, each other? As Christians, how might we view art? These sessions could also include a 'Discuss...through art' section where a particular topic is discussed via viewing how it has been portrayed through art. 


Art & Faith - A personal story - Using my own story of faith, creativity & ill-health I hope to encourage others to be creative in their faith and life and to engage with God creatively. You can begin to see some of that story here.


Spiritual Retreats / Workshops


Spiritual retreats have long been a part of the Christian faith tradition and they continue to be an important aspect of developing and strengthing faith. Retreats can vary in length and format from a couple of hours, something suitable for a worship service, or as part of a longer retreat. 


Each retreat will combine spiritual disciplines and creative practices and aim to offer an opportunity to 'play' (in the very best sense of the word) with our Creator - to offer some dedicated and intentional some time to developing our relationship with God.


These retreats are suitable for everyone; those who describe themselves as an 'artist' and those who would say they are not at all creative as they are primarily about spending time with God.  


Retreats can be offered around a theme - such as Easter, Advent, Prayer, Meditation, Alive in Christ, Fruits of the Spirit, Rest, One Another,...whatever you are interested in.


The following are some examples of previous retreat sessions. Many can be offered in a combined format. 


Nature Walk - spend time in nature, be aware of all your senses as you interact with what is around you, closing with a time of group prayer and contribution to a ephemeral mandala (dependent upon the location).


Mandalas - learn about the simplicity yet vast possibilities of mandalas; how they can reveal our inner thoughts and offer a space for communication with God


Labyrinths - a prayer walk with God representative of our larger life journey.


Creativity as spiritual practice - any number of creative activities can be explore as a spiritual practice. 


Icons - engage in prayer inspired by visual images, with lead or written meditations.


Creative Visualisation - explore the stories of the Bible through lectio divina (a form of slow reading), visualisation and prayer.


Meditative Writing- the act of writing as prayer, especially repetative writing.


Prayerful Stitching - engage in the slow, deliberate and intentional act of sewing as prayer.

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