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Art & Spirituality Teaching & Retreats

Teaching / Workshops

Learn more about the relationship between the Christian faith, history and art. Discover how art has been engaged with in the past and how we might engage today in our relationship with God, worship and life in general.


Sessions are ideally both informative and practical but will always be tailored to suit the needs and practicalities of your group, whether that be a church service or small group. 

Teaching topics may include:

- introduction to art & spirituality

- the image of Christ in art

- a personal art & faith story

Workshop topics may include:

- nature walk

- mandalas

- labyrinth

- creativity as spiritual practice

- meditative writing

- icons

- creative visualisation / meditation

- prayerful, slow stitching

Art can have a profound influence on how we view ourselves as people created in the image of God and in relationship with God. It can also offer a way to engage with God with creativity as a spiritual discipline. I offer teaching and practical retreats that encourage engagement with God through creativity. 



"For me art, life & faith are deeply ingrained. The combination is integral to my own art making practice and to how I relate to God and engage in worship. My passion is to invite others to experience this engagement and integration between ourselves, God & art." 

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