Tumblr Blogs

I'm currently maintaining 3 blogs (we'll see how long that lasts!)


The first is the main art / current project one where I'll be posting about the Home is...project. You can see these posts below. I post randomly - there's no set time for this one! There's also the most cross over with my Facebook artist page and instagram with this one.


This is where I post things about having fibromyalgia. This isn't really about treatments, or new studies or anything like that, but about expressing feelings and the experience of being unwell. I post on Tuesdays.


This is all art and faith - sometimes together, sometimes not but will often include spiritual reflections on art. I post on Wednesdays.

You can view them all without signing up to tumblr if you choose not to.

You can also see other articles and publications that I've written here.

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