Workshop examples

* Watercolour painting

* Acrylic abstract painting - dot like paintings, pouring paint, pattern making with stamps

* Paper collage

* Felt flower garland or wreath making

* Card / book mark making - there are a number of variations in card making - seasonal cards, but also in the style of card made

* Box decoration

* Photo frame decoration 

* Charcoal drawing - charcoal is a fun material that makes lots of great patterns 

* Seasonal decoration making

* Clay play - air dry clay

Local Melbourne artist Karly Michelle GradCert Research Meth, M.A.C.P, B.C.A (Theatre), Cert IV Assessment & Workplace Training, provides workshops that are especially designed for those in aged care and other care facilities. A number of workshops can be provided and adapted for a variety of participants, abilities and engagement levels. Her main focus is providing workshops that are fun and engaging. This focus encourages everyone to participate without the expectation that they must produce the ‘right’ product. Participants are encouraged to use the guidelines to begin but to also engage creatively, play, experiment and see where it leads them. Workshops can generally be single workshops or developed into multiple sessions. 

Karly is currently studying a Cert IV in Leisure and Health at Holmesglen, due for completion mid 2018. This includes training in dementia studies and 120 hours of practical placement.


Finance does depend upon a few things such as how bookings are made (in blocks or singularly) and what type of sessions are provided. Workshops are 1 or 2 hours long and require access to the room for 1/2 an hour before and after for set up and pack down. 

Regular session fee is approximately $110-120per (1hr) session, plus there is a $10 per person material fee. 

All materials are provided.

Workshops can be chosen individually or, ideally, a set of session can be booked where a variety of workshops are provided for you.

As the sessions are group workshops one-on-one assistance for participants is not able to be provided and so some extra staff may need to be made available by the facility. 

Suggestions for workshops are more than welcome. I am happy to design workshops that include activities participants are interested in. Please also browse other workshops that I offer, as you may also be interested in variations of those.

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