About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a term that probably includes a variety of yet undiagnosed conditions. Most common symptoms include tiredness but insomnia and unexplainable pain. Not much is known about it, there is nothing definitive that can be done about it and most people will only ever be able to 'manage' it rather than be cured of it. Medical professionals have only recently begun to recognise it and there are still many who don't understand it. There are very few medical therapies because it seems that for each person the required services are different. It is also difficult for those who suffer from it because it is an 'invisible' syndrome. 


A short summary of the common experience of those with fibromyalgia:

"Our body reacts as though it is under constant and intense stress, causing continuous pain. We are always so tired. 
Yet come nightfall we do not fall asleep.
Our brain feels as though it is being surrounded by a thick, black fog." 

Info about my experience of Fibro

Some suggestions for what to try if you have fibro

Some links you may find helpful if you or someone you know has fibro

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