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Writing about Fibromyalgia

I used to share some of my experiences of ill health through my tumblr blog '(incoherent) ramblings of the chronically ill' - but has been and still is a slow process for me to learn how to be comfortable with this process. I've since decided to use this blog, Instagram and facebook predominately to share. The Tumblr blog wasn't a 'how to' but a sharing of thoughts and experiences.


Here are some links to some of the more specific posts I've made relating to fibromyalgia:

* Low Level Laser Therapy - the miracle I've been waiting for - posted 2017 after dramatic improvements. It's not a sure thing (and it both is and isn't a miracle) but it could be worth trying if you are looking for pain relief. 


* Writing as the Next Brave Step - 6 posts from journal writing I've done over time, posted late 2015 - these are short posts about the thoughts and feelings I've had while being unwell. They aren't what I always feel but they are thoughts that unfortunately I have to keep dealing with. I began sharing some of these thoughts in the lead up to my first exhibition in 2015. My first attempt can be seen below titled 'Visual Thoughts'.


Fibromyalgia is a term that probably includes a variety of yet undiagnosed conditions. Most common symptoms include tiredness but insomnia and unexplainable pain. Not much is known about it, there is nothing definitive that can be done about it and most people will only ever be able to 'manage' it rather than be cured of it. Medical professionals have only recently begun to recognise it and there are still many who don't understand it. There are very few medical therapies because it seems that for each person the required services are different. It is also difficult for those who suffer from it because it is an 'invisible' syndrome.

About Fibro

Made in response to having fibromyalgia:

Pieces of Self: Feelings of Fibromyalgia exhibition, book, video

In 2015 I had my first solo exhibition titled 'Pieces of Self: Feelings of Fibromyalgia' and it was an opportunity for me to try to express some of what this experience of having fibro had been like. There are images on one of my gallery page as well as on Pinterest and Flickr.

However, if you'd like a bit more insight, I have put together an artists talk on video which is just over 10mins where I got into a small amount of detail for a few of the pieces from that exhibition. Press play on the video to the right, or you can see it through youtube.

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