The Moments of Rest Project

Workshops that provide a dedicated space to step outside the busyness and pressure of life for a moment, slow down, rest and reflect in order to re-enter into life refreshed.


These workshops meet you where you are at: they are ideal for those who do not think of themselves as creative, but are just as life giving for those who are experienced.  

The workshops are not focused on skill development or creating a finished product (although one may be a by-product), but on the process of creativity, contemplation, and engagement. 

  • Mindfulness & Paper Collage - a session for resting, focusing on being in the moment and enjoying the time.*

  • Meditation & Mandalas - focusing on an encouraging phrase, verse, or characteristic that you’d like to foster. *

  • Life Landscape - a joyful reflection on life, looking back, being thankful, moving forward

  • In Nature - enjoy time in nature, play, experience, breath.*

  • Paper Collage - playfulness & creativity. This is a great one to open up people's creativity and encouraging playness.

  • Inner Story / Story and Memory - use everyday objects to create a piece in memory and thankfulness for a moment in time.

* Some sessions can be done in silence (or near silence). Workshops will be advertised as silent if this is the case. 

To see what is currently being publically offered now go to the What's On page

or if you wish to arrange a private workshops session please contact me.

Benefits of creativity


More and more studies are exploring and proving just how beneficial creativity and rest are, especially within the work environments. Developing any type of creativity can then influence you in other areas. 


Some of the known benefits of creativity are:


* improved brain and mental health

* increased problem solving ability

* a developed awareness of and connection to self and others

* an experience of 'flow' (of being truly engaged in your activity)

* reduced stress and anxiety

* enhanced self confidence

* and that it encourages the best and most innovative use of individuals talents and abilities.

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