The Moments of Rest Project

Under the ongoing 'Moments of Rest Project' Karly offers workshops that provide a dedicated space to step outside of the rush and pressure of life to reflect and express creatively. It is not a space to ignore life, but rather to take a step to the side, to slow down, rest and reflect before re-entering more refreshed. 


Under the broad scope of this project all workshops encourage personal reflection and expression and include both faith based and non-faith focused.


The details of the workshops vary depending upon the situation but they always have a creative and a contemplative focus. For example, the contemplative focus may be a reflective one (e.g. mindfulness) or a specifically spiritual one (e.g. prayer) as is appropriate. The creative focus is often, but not exclusively, paper collage. Paper collage is often the starting point for these workshops as I find it to be an very inclusive medium and not as intimidating as some people might find drawing or painting. 


The workshops are very versatile and are suitable for everyone from those who describe themselves as artist through those who feel they are not creative at all. This is because they are not focused on skill development, although this may be a by-product. The workshops are primarily about the experience and personal expression. Thematic, technical and creative guidance is given but there is a lot of freedom for each person to follow their own instincts. 


While the reflective focus may direct the workshop, there
may also be another overarching theme that ties the
workshops together. 



Some examples of workshops are:

  • Mindfulness & Paper Collage - a session for resting,
    for taking time out, for being in the moment, enjoying the time.*

  • Meditation & Mandalas - focusing on an encouraging phrase, verse, characteristic that you’d like to foster. *

  • Life Landscape - a joyful reflection on life, looking back, being thankful, moving forward

  • In Nature - enjoy time in nature, play, experience, breath.*

  • Paper Collage - playfulness & creativity. This is a great one to open up people's creativity.

  • Inner Story / Story and Memory - use everyday objects to create a piece in memory and thankfulness for a moment in time.

* Some sessions are often done in silence (or near silence!) to fully appreciate the process. You will always be advised of this prior to the session.


Some workshops may include space for both a spiritual and non-spiritual reflection but this will always be advertised. As it is, no participant must ever do anything they are uncomfortable with; rather the workshops present a series of ideas and suggestions that participants can the follow as they wish.


It is important to be aware that these sessions are not art therapy but a space to explore, express and to enjoy the space of creativity.


To see what is currently being publically offered now go to the What's On page

or if you wish to arrange a private workshops session please contact me.

Downloadable pdf 


"For fast-acting relief,

try slowing down." 
Lily Tomlin

Check out the amazing array of benefits of creativity, rest, mindfulness & meditation through these talks, articles & websites.


For even more go to my 'The Moments of Rest Project' pinterest page for links to studies, write ups & quotes about the benefits of art & creativity.

"Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well."
 Judith Hanson Lasater

The Moments of Rest Project comes directly from my own experience of the need for rest from having fibromyalgia and of finding space within creativity. 


This is the final in a series of 4 short videos on how art and creativity has encouraged me through periods of ill-health.


This one specifically looks at how I am now sharing my experience of engaging with creativity and my knowledge and experience of meditation and mindfulness with others through The Moments of Rest Project workshops. 

Benefits of creativity


More and more studies are exploring and proving just how beneficial creativity and rest are, especially within the work environments. Developing any type of creativity can then influence you in other areas. 


Some of the known benefits of creativity are:


* improved brain and mental health

* increased problem solving ability

* a developed awareness of and connection to self and others

* an experience of 'flow' (of being truly engaged in your activity)

* reduced stress and anxiety

* enhanced self confidence

* and that it encourages the best and most innovative use of individuals talents and abilities.

"I found that I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for." 

Georgia O'Keeffe


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