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Ciro - Via Maria reflection

This week I'm starting a series of personal reflections on a number of artworks. This has been somewhat prompted by the Riverstone gathering last weekend which I was meant to attend and lead a workshop at, but unfortunatly I was unwell during the week leading up to it and choose not to go. I didn't think a lack of sleep would be beneficial, and I thought I shouldn't share my germs around!

The workshop did still go ahead as I quickly added a short voice over to the powerpoints I'd prepared and my friend Karen kindly lead it for me. From all accounts it all went very well - thanks Karen!!!!

It did prompt me to get a few thing together that I'd been thinking about but had not yet done- one of these was offering a few spiritual refections on artworks.. I might write a little bit more about this in a little while but for now I think I'll just link to the first one that I've done. More to come.

I hope that you find it a reflectful experience.

#artspirituality #artandfaith #artreflection

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