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Advent Reflection 2 - The Nativity illustrated by Julie Vivas

The Nativity Story Book_0005_edited.jpg

You may know and even love the work of Julie Vivas even if you don’t aren't aware of it. She is the artist who gave her beautiful drawings to Possum Magic - an absolutely wonderful kids book that Mem Fox wrote.

She has also illustrated the Nativity story in a book simply titled ‘The Nativity’ which takes the text straight from the Bible (unfortunately I think its King James or something - it is so much more suited to The Message!) and to which Julie adds her delightful drawings.

The angels feature in this version and I don’t think I could ever forget their charming, if somewhat tattered wings. Mary’s belly swells and then she is an exhausted mother who has just given birth and actually looks tired. Joseph is a caring and joyful new Dad.

I’ve given you a link to Amazon where you can see only some of the beautiful illustrations. You can google it in images to see a couple of others but let me encourage you to actually seek out and purchase this book, it is worth having in your house -and not just for any children in your life - this book brings the joy of a new birth to life, the wonder and amazement of the shepherds, the caring relationship of an unexpected family and the playfulness of the angels - something we can all remember and meditate on.

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