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Advent Reflection 4 - Bath by David Lopez

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This final week leading to Christmas I thought that this video was so appropriate. It is a beautiful video work that really brings to life the reflections of what it is to have God become human - we can know what is to come at Easter, but for now we are called to be amazed at the delightful humanness of this baby, to reflect on the ritual of washing and the relationship of body and soul.

You can find a reflection that the artist himself wrote, Bathed in Light, here:

“Bath is a video installation of a baby being washed in the bathroom. It is three minutes long and is played repeatedly."

His final question is ‘Where should we direct our gaze?’ something we may all want to ponder a bit at this time of year.

Link to video:

When you click the link it automatically downloads the video for you to then watch.,2011.m4v

You can see how the installation looked originally here:

You can find out more about the artist here:ópez_Ribes

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