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Psalm 10 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 10


A focus on outward, visible purity has obscured the necessity of teaching the practice of holiness in everything.

Holiness is a process; a long, ever-changing one. When you think you might have finally arrived somewhere, you turn the corner to find a whole lot more. It’s not about self-recrimination but a desire for God. Visible, outward purity may be easier to observe and control, it’s not actually what God desires for us.

Desire for God might look differently to visible purity and requires more work. It’s harder, takes longer, requires more.

But if we work at it, it is, I hope, infinitely more precious.

If you can ever put a value on it.

This same fear exists in multiple places. The focus on appearance, on being the same, on the fear of the other, of needing to appear ‘acceptable’.

But the visible out-workings of a person says nothing about their inner self and distracts us from the real issues of life.


It is easy to think that this project is to learn something; that there new to be new insights each week. But spiritual disciplines are only about meeting with God, turning towards God, listening to God. This is their purpose.

Not to increase knowledge,

Although you may.

Not to understand more.

Although you may.

Their purpose is to be inspiration, to be encouragement, to wait on the Lord


Sometimes the stillness and silence is easy to find.

Like after a lack of sleep.

Not sure about the concentration though.

In the silence

I can feel the sounds around me.




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