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Psalm 11 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 11


Creative Reflections on a Spiritual Process - The search for visual language

I feel that this week I am a step closer in finding the visual language for this project. More natural, more me, less defined, more discovered rather than planned, less about what I ‘should’ be doing (which is ridiculous, I ‘should’ not be doing anything in particular, I made up this project, but habits are hard to break).

It’s ok that it’s taken this long. I had to work through my own creative expectations and try what I thought it should be before finding what it actually is. And it might still change again.


I think it reflects the process of wanting or expecting life to be one thing but finding out it is something else. Do you adapt or rebel? Push against or modify ‘your’ plans to work with the realities of your life?


I think originally I wanted to create ‘finished products’ but it’s an ongoing process. This project is not finished at the end of each week; each page is simply another page towards a greater whole.


One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 11


As I read back on this week there is a lot, and much more than I can incorporate into these type of posts.

Ps 11

vs 1 – In the Lord I take refuge

Vrs 2 – How then can you say ‘Flee’…

In God we find refuge, even though we often try to blame God. Even though we might be tempted to run from God, the running takes us from God and then things can be exactly the same but without God. God is not the cause of the danger, but the refuge in which we can gather our strength, and rebuild ourselves.



Help us not to flee but to remember you are our refuge into which we turn in times of trouble.

Give us strength and wisdom, gentleness and patience, love and joy.

May your presence be known and felt



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