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Psalm 14 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 14


Am I the righteous or the fool? Am I the one devouring God’s people as if eating bread (v4). Not as a form of self flagellation or denigration but a question because we know we are not perfect. If I am the fool, what can I learn right now? Living life with Christ is being blessed with Christ’s presence, even if we do not feel blessed by much else. Is this enough? Can I remember this at all times?

The Psalm feels quite dramatic, quite intense and forceful. But maybe we need to have a bit of despair sometimes. Well, maybe not total despair. But maybe, if we have not felt it for a while, we do need to feel a bit overwhelmed, a bit overcome with the trials and horrors of this world so that we can feel God’s heart. I guess the trick is to allow it to draw us out of any apathy we may have but not into full despair and instead be then fortified in God and able to move forward again, knowledgeable and ready to work towards a more Christ like world.

Learning to listen in the midst of ill health, even the fairly normal cold I have had this week is a challenge. I bunker down when I am unwell, I seep into myself and just hope to wait it out.

But I probably could learn to be more active in my listening to God even when unwell.

But then I could be more active in my listening when busy also.

Maybe one way would be to remember to ask the question ‘how can I listen right now?’


Creative reflections

I’m currently trying to prepare for workshop for later in the year and I think I am getting too caught up in analyzing the process instead of experiencing it. They probably shouldn’t be done at the same time.

I’ve felt a bit disconnected from this Psalm this week but it does come with a good reminder not to be a ‘fool’.

I have felt the need for quiet, not even meditation on the psalm, just quiet while waiting to see what happens.





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