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Psalm 15 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 15


Lord, who may dwell on your holy hill, who may dwell in your sanctuary….


May I be as one who is seeking to be righteous.

May I endeavor to do these things and may my understanding of ‘neighbour’ stretch from home to country to world.

This verse makes it sound easy; just do this, and you’ll be living heaven on earth. But its not – we may live like this and we must be content that God will be near but the trials of this world won’t be any further away. Only how we deal with them will be effected. And maybe how we carry each trial within us.

For we do all carry each trial we have experienced within us. I have been trying to learn, over many years, but also quite specifically recently, how to not carry the trials I experience physically within me. Specifically the daily trials because with the fibro I can end up carrying things all too easy and quickly and physically if I don’t actively work at setting them down. I must intentionally work at not carry around the day within my body.


Last week I was waiting for this weeks Psalm. Then this week it comes and while it is very beautiful, it’s also quite confronting. It’s not easy or even pleasant to do any of these things. It requires a lot from us.

And you only need to know even a small part of David’s life to know that as a psalmist this psalm is possibly more of David’s desire for his life than how he actually lived his all of the time.

And then the commentary reminded me that while we may look at the Psalm and see a list of things to do, in actual fact it is, once again, revolutionary compared to what the people at the time of writing would have expected a list of how to live to contain. They would have expected a list of how to be made ‘clean’ but instead they get a list that require you live well moment by moment. They aren’t being asked to simply go to the temple, do an action and then go home to their regular lives of doing whatever they please. They are being asked to live 24/7 as the people of God, in relationship. As friends. Let us live as friends to the world. It is both as simple and as complex as that.





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