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Psalm 17 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 17


A series of thoughts:

- Psalm 17:15 “I shall be satisfied with seeing your likeness.”

Could this include the likeness we all hold of God because of the imago dei?

Could we be satisfied in seeing God’s face only in the face of those around us?

- Psalm 17:3b Also it would be handy if this were as easy as this single verse makes it appear, that I have simply decided not to sin by speaking!

- Ill-health reminds us that we are not the independent people we think we are. And that this is ok.

- Ps 17:8 ‘Keep me as the apple of your eye’

This instinctively feels exclusionary, as if there can only be one apple of God’s eye and so if it is me, it cannot be you.

But God is not like that. ‘I am the apple of God’s eye and you are the apple of God’s eye.’ In that single sentence everyone in the world can be included as we pass it along.

How might this change my behavior in relationship with God? Do I see this as a sentence describing a petulant child who knows they can get away with anything? Or as a person in deep relationship with their creator?


Reflections on creative work

I still struggle to see the connection between what I am thinking about and what I am physically creating even though I know they are connected. It always amazes me how clueless I am to my inner workings, still. But I am slowly developing a clearer path of asking myself what it is that I – my full self, body and inner self – need/feel right now. What motions / gestures do I want to do? Colours? Shapes? I am slowly learning then how to reflect on these in relationship to what I am thinking and feeling. Slowly learning how to listen to myself within a space of openness to God.

I think I am being drawn in a process of trying to be more open, more vulnerable to things outside of myself. There are ideas I have that are different to anything I’ve had before; larger, different, scarier, less contained. On reflection I think they are mimicking this project – this project is large and potentially uncontained in a way that I am not used to.





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