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Psalm 19 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 19


A series of thoughts & Prayers:

- Things are suddenly much busier despite how carefully I tried to plan things. I know they are all good things but if I was to have to cut something out it would be the things I loved most.


Help me to focus on your glory, as it says in the Psalm, and not my own.

- I cannot read this psalm without singing the first line in my head even though I don’t think the song is directly from this Psalm, but I still sing the first line every single time.


Please share your wisdom with me and give me the ability to know how to respond to the listening I do to my body.

What should I do today with how I feel?

- V 8 The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart.

Is this true for me?





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