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Psalm 2 - One A Week Psalm Project

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 2


Conflicting thoughts I’ve had this week:

This is great – I have heaps of time to do this at the moment


I know this is not always going to be the case.

This is so much time to look into these verses, maybe I should be doing more proper theological research.


That’s a bad idea. I will probably not have this much time to spend on it once I’m back at work and study.

I am so fortunate and I have so much, I should be doing more, more generously with it.


I need to be more diligent with my money because it can run out and I might get sick again.

I’ve been given great opportunities that I can do so much with.


It’s too much, too overwhelming and I’m not meant to be getting this involved in life, I should be taking things slowly to make sure I can survive.

I want to spend time on this so much. All my time.


Why do I resist the time of stillness and quiet so much, even though I know I enjoy it and benefit from it once I am there?



May I believe I am Your righteous one.

Not to lord over others, or crow about it

but simply to sit satisfied in Your undying love.

So I might go out into the world with

Your friendship and love as my companion and

Your grace and humility as their constant partners.



Spiritual Reflection

Vrs 2:7-9 I will proclaim the decree of the Lord: He said to me, “You are my Son; today I have become your Father. Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron scepter; you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”

When I first read these verses I assumed they were looking forward, a prophecy of the coming Christ as we are reading with hindsight. As I pondered them though, I began to consider what it would mean if I read these verses as if they were being said about humanity because it still fits;

- We have become God’s children.

- The nations of the world are our inheritance.

- We currently possess the ends of the earth.

- We rule them with an iron scepter (but perhaps though not with the type of iron scepter that Jesus, the sacrificing King might choose – we appear to have chosen to drain the very metal from the earth to create this scepter).

- We are dashing the nations to pieces like pottery.



Lord and Saviour, may we not forget who You are,

may we not ignore the crown You wear.

Friend and Father, may we not forget who You are,

may we not ignore Your gracious friendship, care and love.

May we not seek refuge from You,

but rather always take refuge in You.


These passages, and this reading, again reminded me of the importance of recognizing the privileges we do have (few or many), that we always need to be working to privilege those who do not have the ones we have, and to be always listening, deeply listening, as to how we might go about doing this.

I was also particularly taken with the final verse “Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” (v12b). One of the small commentaries I have that is accompanying me on this journey states “there is no refuge from Him; only in Him.”(Psalm 1-72, by Derek Kidner, page 53)


Heavenly Father, help me to remember day and night that I am Your child.

Help me not only to be ever grateful for this privilege you have afforded me,

but to also recognize and remember the responsibility that comes with this.

Help me to remember that I am to care for Your world and teach me daily how to prevent this world from being dashed to pieces like pottery in my hand. Give me Your eyes, and Your heart to see this world with great love, great care, great pride and great desire to see it flourish and grow with Your love. Amen


This week was one in which I have been quite involved in this process and very aware of my blessings. I have had the time to spend on reading and praying and creating. I have found that this has led to much time of thinking and pondering and writing about all sorts of things.



May my inside mind make its home in lush mountains and alongside babbling brooks. May it live calmly there in neither searing heat nor frosty cold – may a beautiful and peaceful middle way to be found and a nest built there to house the thoughts and actions that live within me and those that enter from outside. May all thoughts and feelings feel welcomed into this middle space, this peaceful place, this calming space and those with evil intentions melt away and those with good means find strength and nourishment.

May this inner space effect my outer space, may calm and rested thoughts and feelings strengthen a calm and rested body and may the actions that result be measured, thoughtful, and joyful, in the knowledge of Your peace of heart and love of life – that this may circle within and without. Amen



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