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Psalm 23 - One a Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 23


I knew this Psalm was coming and I wondered what it would be like because it’s almost become a cliché because it is used so often. But then when I actually sat with the Psalm its beauty surprised me and was just what I was searching for.

It has become a bit of thing to re-write this Psalm. It wasn’t my plan to even attempt this but it felt like a good way to try and truly hear the Psalm without hearing the same rhythms that such a well-known Psalm carries with it. So this is not a re-writing but a way of trying to incorporate it into me.

You are my friend and my protector. You invite me to rest with You and to give You my abilities and concerns and to worry about them no more myself. You show me the quiet spaces, a calm way of living. You restore my soul. You teach and guide me in Your way of life; a way of love and gentleness and holiness. No matter what happens, death, sorrow, confusion, uncertainty, fear, or stress, You are there beside me, alongside me giving me Your strength, Your protection, Your wisdom, Your guidance, and I am comforted by Your peace.

You provide what I need and You even make me feel special and that I am truly known by You for who I am. You offer me blessings and Your continued presence in my life. Like a beautiful shadow of light permanently attached by the Son, always there, even though I sometimes forget. A light filled shadow that does not only follow me but can lead, direct and guide me.

I know that with You, I will always have family, have love and be in Your presence. I know with You I will always have a home.


To sit in the stillness and quiet can be a joy I cannot adequately describe. It is like shedding dry skin. Nothing necessarily changes but I am renewed.

And to sit here with my funny little sketches is somehow like food – nourishing. Basic at times but nourishing. Maybe this is the nourishing – that it is the invisible shimmering of God’s presence.





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