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Psalm 27 - One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 27

One A Week Psalm Project


There are such beautiful moments in this Psalm. But a week is just too short.

There is too much to do and sitting, waiting, is necessary but the time I have is not long enough. I can feel my body say it is not long enough.

The more you do, the more time you need to sit but those two things don’t work together. But what do I give up?

The things I could most easily give up are those that I love the most.


I am never sure about anything.

What do You want to say to me?

What do You want to say to me that I’m not hearing?

How might I hear You better?

What can I do to listen better, to listen more?



The wet branches

change colour.

They are darker after the


their almost budding tips now a vibrant orange,

against the dark bark.

The white ladder

behind almost

shimmers, it is so

bright in the rain,

waiting, ready

to be climbed

upon by the green

tips stretching to the

sun of the

newly planted creeper.

The rain was fierce,

but the aftermath

is still


filled only with the

slow drip of the

left over rain.





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