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Psalm 42 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 42

What might the story of this Psalm tell us?

- A person who is desperate to be accepted by God?

- A person who desperately hopes he has made the right decision?

- A person who is looking for guidance? for guidance from God?

The Psalms are a story, a story of the life lived, the thoughts thunk, the desires and fears expressed, from a series of players. The experiences of people who lived, were kings, workers, farmers, had families, friends, enemies, struggles and joys…

The Psalms are a story, stories of lives lived, thought thunk, desires and fears expressed from David and others who lived. Farmers, king, royality, artists, leaders, followers, people hunted, lauded, those with friends, family, those who were on show, those who needed to hide…

The Psalms are the stories of the followers of God.





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