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Psalm 48 - One A Week Psalm Project

One A Week Psalm Project

Psalm 48

The joy of an earthly city, because it is the home of a heavenly God, becomes a piece of heaven on earth.

Admire the city, the world, the earth, our selves, as the dwelling place of the Lord.

Was the city in the Psalm beautiful and strong because of God’s presence, or if it was made beautiful and strong because it was to home God? How genuinely do we believe we are the home of the Lord? How does it impact how we think about ourselves?

This Psalm is about celebrating and yet Australia is in the mist of lamenting. Can I learn to carry the joy of the Lord with me even when things become difficult and without minimizing the hurt, the terror and the pain of what is happening? Can I learn that the joy of the Lord isn’t only about responding to good things but simply is a joy in the Lord? And that this joy then calls us to action?







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