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Psalm 52 - One A Week Psalm Project

I have felt a bit adrift this past week. Like I have so much to do but don’t know where to begin. I think it is the uncertainty of what is coming.


A seeking for quiet joys

Joys felt in a moment of silence,

the small felt touch of kindness,

the recognition of the beauty that is always there.

The rest of the mind from straining,

the bodily stretch of release,

the sight of a small child completely absorbed in play,

the luxurious wink of a cat in full sun,

the realization that the birds are singing.

The bloom of a flower.

the smell of rain.

The kiss of sun.

Ordinary is not unimportant,

or any less



I crave to be someone who cannot be rushed.

Someone who will do and complete all that needs to be done,

but is not driven by a sense of ‘must’ or ‘should’.

Someone who does what is possible and reasonable,

but who invites others to live without the palpitations of rush.

Creative Reflections

Despite the fact that I love colour, I do a lot of my ‘daily’ art making in black and white. I think it is a way of filtering, of allowing for space and rest, for thinking, of providing an activity without the many and constant decisions that life and some art making requires. I like that kind of art making too. But my soul loves connecting with the space of limits, minimalism and space and repetition. It allows me to think through the action.







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