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Psalm 53 - One A Week Psalm Project

"A minister is not a doctor whose primary task is to take away pain. Rather, he deepens the pain to a level where it can be shared." (originally from The Wounded Healer but read most recently in The Dance of Life: Spiritual Direction with Henri Nouwen. )


I’m not great with change and recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to integrate the process of change mentally and physically because no matter how mentally I think I am prepared for changed, my body often reminds me that I’m not always as prepared as I think I am.

Maybe the desire for integrational change is the intentional processing of all the possibilities, not only the negative ones; of being aware of what negative or difficult thoughts I am having and naming them and then recognizing the good and naming that too.

The process of change is not just cognitive but needs to be incorporated by your whole body – It’s as though the idea of changes needs to be travelled around your whole body through your blood. But unlike our blood – where the entirety of our blood can circulate the entire body in about 5mins- it actually takes much, much longer for a change to be incorporated and accepted holistically.








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