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Psalm 56 - One a Week Psalm Project

Thurs 27/2/20

Lent began yesterday. I have not felt a leaning towards the absence of anything in particular, except I am trying to focus on giving up ‘rushing’ – focusing on ‘not rushing’. It’s easier when I’m not at work (work which I have now finished), but still something I need to work on even when studying from home. I regularly try to rush through reading, through getting things done, through understanding.

Absence allows for the space to be filled with God.

(note: keep in mind the date written, as I post approx 4 weeks after the actual week of reflection. I now feel called to give up much more and in a slightly different way given the coronavirus pandemic… In that respect, stay physically distanced whenever possible, and occupied if 'working' from home! If you are on the front lines, I hope you have all you need.)








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