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As a result of my own study and teaching in the area of art and spirituality in a Christian tertiary institution, facilitating worship at churches and my own interest in art and spirituality I have gathered together quite a list of resources. I thought it might be helpful to others to know about some of these so I have tried to pair it down into some semblance of order with helpful lists and links. It is just a selected number of books, links, articles and organisations that explore the integration of art and faith. 


My hope is that this will be a helpful resource for those who feel like they are just starting out looking at these as well as those who want to expand their knowledge and engagement with these topics. There is of course a whole lot more out there on You Tube and Vimeo, as podcasts, on ITunesU and more. I have begun an Art & Spirituality playlists on my You Tube channel if you wish to have a look. 


If you know of a book, website, article, video etc that you think could be added here then please contact me. These lists could easily get out of control if I just add everything but I'm also personally interested in being referred to new resources. I'm especially interested in knowing about Australian resources.


If you are new to all this and just need somewhere to start, I would recommend beginning here:


Art and Soul by Hilary Brand & Adrienne Chaplin

The Liberated Imagination by Leland Ryken

Imagine by Steve Turner


If you want to continue and expand your journey you could explore some of these:


Visual Faith: art, theology & worship in dialogue by William Dryness
Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer

Art for God's Sake by Philip Graham Ryken

Art in Action by Nicholas Wolterstorff

God in the Gallery by Daniel Siedell

Voicing Creation's Praise by Jeremy Begbie

Behold the Glory: Incarnation through the arts Ed. by Jeremy Begbie

The Substance of Things Seen: Art, Faith and the Christian Community by Robin Jensen

Visual Theology: Forming & Transforming the Community through the Arts Ed. by Robin Jensen & Kimberly Vrundy

Theology and the Arts by Richard Viladesau 

State of the Arts: From Bezalel to Mappelthorp by Gene Edward Veith, Jr

Good Taste, Bad Taste and Christian Taste: Aesthetics and Religious Life by Frank Burch Brown

The Art of Curating Worship by Mark Pierson

Online Sites & Articles

Links to websites with an interest in art and faith and that have articles avilable online:


Religion Online - A wide ranging collection of articles with a section dedicated to Culture and Religion & the Arts


ArtWay - There are all sorts of interesting things on this site, including reflections, links to artists, books, articles and more. One example is 'Art from a Christian point of view' by Beat Rink and articles by or on Begbie, Ryken, Rookmaaker etc....


Response - Seattle Pacific Uni online cultural journal which has a wide range of other arts focused articles such as The Bible and Christian Imagination by N.T. Wright. They also have a great series title Growing with the Arts which is a series of 'How to' articles - How to listen to classical music, to view a work of art, read a poem etc...


Stoneworks: A Global Arts Initiative - this site has a lot of information, links and articles including The Creative Spirit, a 2005 publication of Belhaven University edited by Colin Harbinson and devoted to the Lausanne paper "Redeeming the Arts." 


Transpositions - ITIA - Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts  has articles such as Beauty as Love: Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theological Aesthetics by David Taylor


ARTS- The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies

SARTS - Society for the Arts in Religious and Theological Studies


Conversations Journal - a journal on spiritual formation with a focus on the arts


Image: Art, Faith, Mystery - a literary and arts religious faith journal 

Pope John Paul II Letter to Artists 

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