Craft Surprise kids packs

June 12, 2014

You might have bought a Craft Surprise Pack from me or you might be wanting to make your own. Buddles of crafty items to let the kids loose on.


These surprise craft packs are meant to inspire creativity - they are not uniform, they are all individual, they are all a little bit different, they are meant to be explored and inspire the imagination.


Inside you MAY find any of the following: paper, scrapbook paper & items, items from magazines, old books, calendars, ribbons, pencils, stickers...... but really anything can be included. The list below has even more ideas. Then the list below that has a whole lotta games to play with the surprise packs.


Have fun and make things up, be inspired by what others have done but don't feel you have to follow all the rules!!!! Also check out my Craft Ideas pinterest page:


Things to add to your surprise craft pack that you can find around the home or easily purchase:

- glue, sticky tape, pencils, staples, paint, double sided sticky tape, scissors, textas, egg cartons, straws, pegs, rubber bands, icy pole sticks, old gift wrapping paper, toilet paper roles, used calendars, old Christmas & birthday cards, shoe boxes, old magazines, newspapers, buttons, cheap items from op shops, string, cotton....


To begin, a few ideas of what to do with a surprise craft pack:


- make something out of the first 5 things you pull out

- make a house

- make a rocket ship

- make Christmas cards

- make Birthday cards

- make get well cards

- make 'I'm glad you are my friend' cards

- pretend you are on holidays in an exotic location and make a postcard from that place

- make a present for a family member

- make bunting 

- make a mobile

- make a paper garland

- make a paper mache toy

- make something in 5 minutes

- make something in 2 minutes

- make something 1 minute

- make the biggest and most outlandish hat you cant

- make a scrapbook page for your favourite photo

- make a scrapbook page for your Mum or Dad's favourite photo of you

- make a book or picture page about your last holiday

- make a mask

- make up an imaginary creatures

- make up a new surprise craft pack to use with a friend


Have lots of fun!!!



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