The process of becoming 'an artist' can include a few stages and at the moment the stage I'm trying to leap through is becoming an artist as my main source of income. This is an extremely slow and difficult process but it is also one that, if achieved, will be a huge benefit for my overall health as it will allow me to manage my health as I need and hopefully provide good work / life balance (such a thing must be possible!). To try and develop this I have signed up for Patreon, a new website that helps artists connect with patrons - a new format for a very old idea. While it offers the potential for ongoing general support, it also offers a way of possibly generating some income during projects that otherwise may not bring in an direct finances (such as residencies). If you'd be interested in supporting me, check out my Patreon page to learn more about it but the basic idea is, if you like what I'm doing and would like to support me in it, then you commit a certain amount of money per month (which can be as little as $1 a month). You can stop at any time - so if you'd like to support me for just the period of a particular project of something, then that is fine. I'll keep making and keep you up to date with what I'm doing and there are some pledge rewards as thank you gifts for your support. Click the Become a patron button or photo or  to be taken to the site.

Become an art Patron through Patreon

A one time donation towards current projects

If you'd like to offer some financial support but don't want to commit to anything monthly you can use the button below to offer a one time only donation. You may find this preferable if you'd like to offer some support for a particular project - such as the home is residency. Your support is truly appreciated!

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