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About Fibromyalgia

- Mayo Clinic - An overview of fibro with links to more info


- A very good indepth pdf of Fibromyalgia & recommended treatments. I highly recommend it.


- MedlinePlus - another overview with links to other information.


- 72 Symptoms of Fibro


Less Medical Talk, More Real Life Experience articles

-Spoon Theory: This is a great little explaination of chronic ill health. You might find it a helpful way to try and explain things to others. And find a little video here

- In tandem with the above Spoon theory is this article The Spoon Theory Gave People The Wrong Idea About My Illness which I think raises some very important and relelvant points that I agree with about where the Spoon theory misses.

- How to speak to Loved Ones about Fibromyalgia

- Seeing Through the Fog:Fibromyalgia and Slowed Responses

-The title is a bit over the top "10 Causes of fibro your doctor is ignoring' but it lists some good things to look into to at least improve your health, even if it doesn't 'cure' the fibro (or even if it isn't the cause of the fibro.


-11 Ways to cope with a lack of fibro support 


-Food can be a help or a hindrance, it can take while to work out what's what - this might help 10 food rules for pain patients


-It can be difficult sometimes to know what's what - Chronic pain & fibro: What's normal & what's not 


-A list of 24 Things No One Talks About When It Comes to Having Fibromyalgia article


- Mom with Fibromyalgia Wirtes Children's Book to Explain Chronic Illness

Useful Fibromyalgia Links

I also have a Pinterest page called 'Fibromyalgia' with all sorts of info, links, studies, quotes etc. 

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