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About Karly Michelle


Karly is a multi-disciplinary artist and researcher with an interest in illness narratives and visuals, and creativity as reflection. In 2020 she began a PhD researching biography in palliative care, further developing her skills as a narrative researcher and interdisciplinary interest. She also explores spiritual auto/biography and creative contemplative spirituality. Karly lives with fibromyalgia and on Wurundjeri land. 

Artist Statement

I am interested in the place where art, spirituality and health dis/connect, their expression and hopefully, re-connection. The need to express the experience of ill-health has been a driving force because of my ongoing experience of the chronic condition fibromyalgia. This experience also continues to highlight the place of spirituality, as we cannot separate our bodies from who we are. I like to explore with a variety of materials, playing and experimenting as I try to find the most satisfying way of engaging and creating. The ideas of re-use and giving new life to old objects are also regularly explored, especially in relation to ill-health. The workshops, teaching and retreats I offer are based around experience, expression and very often, the desire for restful creativity.

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