About Karly Michelle

Karly completed a BCA (Theatre) at Welsey Institute (now Excelsia College) developing her skills in stage management, directing and other production areas. Her interest in the theatre was sparked by her love of the collaboration of such a variety of mediums to create a performance and invite the audience into the ebb and flow of the experience and a continually unique experience through performance.

When ill health greatly affected her ability to maintain a theatre lifestyle she began the shift into a visual arts practice. This began with jewellery making and has expanded into a much wider mixed media practice that includes textile, stitching, eco dying, found objects, book and paper art, plaster and resin.

Although unwell with the chronic condition fibromyalgia, Karly continued studying to forge a new direction, completing amongst other things a Master of Arts in Church Practice where she focused on art and spirituality. She went on to teach in the tertiary system at Tabor Vic (now Eastern) expanding their creative program. Creative units included art theory and appreciation, film and theology, aesthetics, art and spirituality, and drama. After expanding her training further though a Cert IV in Leisure & Health, Karly taught at Holmesglen in this same Cert IV for a short time while working in lifestyle in an aged & disability care facility. This has lead to her current project, a PhD researching the effects of biography writing in palliative care. When there is the opportunity she continues to run workshops focused on The Moments of Rest Project and in Art & Spirituality


While Karly enjoys bringing together a variety of materials in her work on individual pieces, she is also highly aware of the significance of the invitation of space and atmosphere, both physically and metaphorically, that art can offer and is interested in not just the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ of art spaces, engaging in creativity and curating.


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Artist Statement

I am interested in the place where art, spirituality and health dis/connect, their expression and hopefully, re-connection. The need for the expression of ill-health has been a driving force because of my ongoing experience of the chronic condition fibromyalgia. The experience also continues to highlight the place of spirituality, as we cannot separate our bodies from who we are. In this exploration I like to engage with a variety of materials, playing and experimenting to find those most suitable and expressive for each piece. My health also dictates what I can and can’t do at times; if I am well I can engage in more physical creative work, but when I am unwell or in pain I must do simple, and slow movements so flexibility is important. The ideas of re-use and giving new life to old objects are also regularly explored, especially in relationship to ill-health.


This personal interest has lead me to invite others into this space also, not only through my art but also by facilitating workshops; workshops that are less about technique and more about personal expression and experience. These workshops are primarily run under the broad and ongoing ‘The Moments of Rest Project’ that morphs into various guises depending on what is required but always has the key components of inner self expression and finding a place of rest. 

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