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 A Collection of Pieces exhibition

Comments from

Pieces of Self: Feelings of Fibromyalgia exhibition


‘I felt so welcomed into your story this morning, and in it was able to find a piece of my own. Thank you.' Christine


'My best friend (of almost 50 years) also has fibromyalgia...It is a hard illness to understand by outsiders. Your display

gives me a much better understanding of my friends life...' Jen


'Very creative and definately a feast for the eyes.' Julie


'Thanks for sharing your journey, pain, perserverance and talent. I can see it all and feel it all in your work.

Congratulations.' Sheryn




‘Thank you Karly for a thought, provoking exhibition. I admire your courage in representing your struggle and your work is

so expressive and deep. You are very gifted and generosity share your gift - many thanks and may your journey continue to bring

hope and light to you and others.’ Ruth


‘Brilliant Karly! The works have a lot of depth and are very moving.’ Miranda


‘I felt your pain Karly. Thank you.’ Janet


‘Thank you so much Karly for sharing this with us. Finding beauty and quiet in the midst of suffering and pain. Inspiring!’ Helen


Thank you Karly for sharing yourself so generously. I loved the meditative quality of them…and ‘words kept for later’,

‘words locked away’ & ‘indecision’ - my feelings often.’ Tim

General Reviews

"Karly Michelle is a lovely talented artist.  Her artwork is a combination of the old and new and often with a hint of romance. Karly inspires creativity and growth in her student’s. Working with Karly allowed me to express my relationship with God in a new yet more meaningful way then ever before. I am looking forward to organizing time away from the family to enjoy Karly’s retreats allowing my self the space to enjoy craft and also enhancing my relationship with God." Lisa

"Karly's work has many facets to it, gathering inspiration from many sources - drama, teaching, music, faith and illness. Her collages are a mix of  the complexities of  life. We all grapple with the fragments of our lives and try to make sense of its complexity. Karly's work encourages us to connect with these dichotomies." Karen 

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