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Words for now (2020) -  pastel drawings

$80 each, unframed.

Drawing size: 29.8cmx21cm (A4) on 210gsm paper

All are mixed oil and soft pastel.

Those with * include moulding paste as well.

These drawings were all done during the two lockdowns Melbourne experienced in 2020 due to the Coronavirus. I had been collecting words for a while and eventually felt that these drawings might be suitable for some of them. I choose the words which seemed to fit the time and matched them with drawings.

There is a description for each word and a reference to where I found it.

Inspired by Rothko and others.

Created as respite during a very odd time through repetition and experimentation.

I am also currently selling A4, 20-page zines with a selection of these words and images - see the image within the gallery. Contact me directly for sales. Also check out my Instagram or Facebook as I often post-sales and up to date information there.

See a short blog post about these drawings here.

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