Published Articles

Articles published in places other than my own blog which can be found here.

- Circle Drawing, Art & Theology Aust

- One a Week Psalm Project, Art & Theology Aust

-  The Aged Care Sector - breaking the rules well, Engage Mail

- Loving Vincent (the movie) - thoughts on, Ethos Blog
Dystopia Now: the present reality of Children of Men, Ethos Blog

- Why does The Handmaid's Tale and our witness of this perhaps-not-so-fantasitcal tale matter?, Ethos Blog

- Art with Intent, Hillscene 2015, Spring, Issue 20

- (Re)discovering Art within Faith, Equip

YouTube - video reflections

A series of short reflections on ill/health and art and spirituality including some on other people's artworks 

and some of my own.  


For current blog posts, go to the Blog on this site. 

Previously I was writing on Tumblr but I am no longer.

Older Tumblr posts can be found at:

- Karly Michelle tumblr - general art blog

- Ramblings of the Chronically Ill - tumblr blog with thoughts and experiences of having fibromyalgia.

- Unrefined Thoughts on Art and Faith - art and spirituality.


While I was studying for my Masters, I wrote a few essays about art and spirituality. I was encouraged a while ago to publicise some of them but life got in the way. I've managed to put one together.

How can the arts engage & foster community?

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