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Once Upon a Story Podcast

It has been a long minute since I have done anything much on this site as I've been deeply emersed in my research which is supposed to be coming near it’s end, although I still struggle to see how I’m meant to fit all the work I still want / need to do into the timeframe!

However, as I am coming near the end , I have a few up coming events where I am sharing about my research. One reason for sharing quite broadly is that I have been studying on an industry research scholarship and I wanted to make the research as available as possible to the relevant industry people (or just anyone interested). This has ended up, so far, with a six part podcast series and a presentation I’ll be giving next week.

Three episodes of the podcast are now up and ready for listening (three more coming soon -ish) and in early April the presentation video will also be made available. I co-host with the lovely Krystal, my colleague at EPC.

My research has been into Eastern Palliative Care’s (EPC) Biography Program, so the research is all about life storytelling within palliative care, but for good measure I throw in a decent amount of creative writing, a big-old theatre metaphor and have written up the programs philosophical foundations, describing it as a program that may be more helpfully understood as adaptable, collaborative, relational, creative act.

And in keeping with the covid19 pandemic experience of research, the podcast is being recorded in the Gallery House Podcast Studio (aka my house) - see photos below.

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