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PhD research: life storytelling in palliative care

I am a PhD candidate at La Trobe Uni who partnered with Eastern Palliative Care Inc. (EPC) to sponsor this industry funded research into EPC's highly successful Biography Program. Below are a series of presentations I have given throughout the research period, if they are not live, they are a post presentation recording. The most recent is at the top.


Once Upon a Story podcast - any day now!

Once Upon a Research Story - an industry presentation detailing the research and including research poetry readings. Coming mid-March 2023

This is the pre-recording of a presentation I gave at the Australian Historical Association in July 2022. A presentation of the uncommon experiences of the Biography Program, that have contributed to how the program now operates. 

Biography writing in palliative care & the Listening Guide method in motion. A presentation to the La Trobe community in 2022.

The Listening Guide Method is the primary analysis method used within the research.

Question / Answer video from early in the PhD process. 2021

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