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Poems & Prayers by one who struggles with words #4

Poems & Prayers

in the lead up to my exhibition

I feel deflated

un-known, un-knowing

my enthusiasm constantly dripping away

I feel tired from pushing up against the bold brick wall that surrounds me

I feel lost, uncertain why the steps I thought

were forward are now behind, heading in

the wrong direction

I feel un-lit, the fire inside barely smoking

I feel disappointed, defeated

uncertain, unsure

I ask these feelings be moved outside of myself.

I ask they be replaced, rejected, restored

to wholeness.


Right now

I do not wish to gain more information

or be given new words to interpret.

Right now

I wish to experience what information

I already have

to process that which I have already heard.

To be present

to connect

to be open

to listen

to feel

to think

to realise

to practise

to become.

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