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new series - Words for Now 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

During the two lockdowns Melbourne has experienced during this, the weirdest of all years, 2020, I did quite a lot of mixed pastel drawings of varying size. After a while, I stuck mostly to A4 size paper as it was, well honestly, quicker, but also, I knew I would be able to scan them myself and so get good quality scans more easily.

I had been 'collecting' interesting words digitally on Pinterest for a while and realised that some of the words were particularly relevant to this year and thought I might try to pair some words and images. I played around with them a bit, trying to find the right combinations, did some trials and practices runs and eventually ended up with the list I have now.

There are both more words and more images so I might have another go and pairing more in the future, but this seemed like enough for now.

I also wanted to give a version as a gift and wondered about producing some type of book.

Books though, are expensive.

Full colour books are even more so.

So I took the route of a giant zine:

"A zine is most commonly a small circulation publication of original or appropriated texts and images. More broadly, the term encompasses any self-published unique work of minority interest, usually reproduced via photocopier.  A popular definition includes that circulation must be 5,000 or less, although in practice the significant majority are produced in editions of less than 1,000.  Profit is not the primary intent of publication. There are so many types of zines: art and photography zines..."

While even a zine must still be printed, it is much easier, and as the description above states, it's not really about the money (although having some change hands is helpful!).

While not printed at home, it still has an at-home feel about it given its simple design as I wanted, which honestly, is the whole point of a zine.

I have a few to sell from this round of printing but can, given the ease of printing, do more at any time. I'm selling a few for just $15 (printing cost) initially but for the next round of printing this will probably go up.

Send me an email if you are interested in purchasing your own copy.

Check out my Instagram or Facebook for more immediate updates / latest sales / some more photos and if I get to it, maybe even a video of the booklets.

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